Hi. I’m Tracy. I live in New York City and write about lifestyle, culture, travel, and other things I love.

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You'll find my writing in publications like Metro NY, Brick Underground, Mabuhay Magazine, City Guide, Business Insider, Travel Mag, and others. See examples on my clips page.

Besides writing for a host of blogs, magazines, and websites, I'm the New York City Local Travel Expert for Answers.com, and the co-author of a 48-hour NYC Guide coming soon.


I love to travel....I've wine tasted in the Napa Valley, mingled with locals in Bathsheba, Barbados, posed with Joshua Trees in the Mojave Desert, mountain biked through Cuenca, Ecuador, road tripped across the US, and feasted on decadent food in places like Florence, Sedona, and Charleston. My other favorite destinations include Paris, Portland, ME, Las Vegas, London, Palm Springs, and Venice.

Local travel is an important aspect of my life too. I've visited New Hope, PA and Lambertville, NJ, Coastal Connecticut, the Finger Lakes Region, Cape Cod, the North Fork of Long Island, Sag Harbor, Newport, and other spots only a drive from Manhattan.

You can check out some of the places I've been to on my photography page.


I am the founder and editor of the popular NYC-based lifestyle and travel blog, Tracy's New York Life. This New York-centric site brings the best of living, food, culture, and more to readers around the world. Tracy's New York Life offers the latest from the five boroughs, my adventures in the Big Apple and beyond, musings and opinions from native and transplant New Yorkers, plus travel tips and stories.


8 Things My Blog Taught Me About Blogging

At some point, blogging became more than a  hobby for me.{credit}
My road to becoming a blogger was a happy accident–– I didn't dream of pecking away at a laptop day and night with people around the world reading what I'd written.I didn't wake up one day and shout, "I want to be a blogger!" Nor did I attend the "University of Blogging"–– although I think one day such an institution might exist. Rather, this part-time hobby somehow became a full-time endeavor; one I didn't plan or seek, but seemed to find after I moved to New York City.

Why Blogging Is Better Over 40

There was a time when I thought I was too old to blog. Blogging sounded like a teen or college student hobby, and not one that could ever be a job, let alone a career. But bloggers are everywhere. 

Bogey and Me

The day we met was in early November 2009. Mike and I waited patiently in a parking lot with about 20 other anxious adopters because the truck making the trip from Indiana to Connecticut was more than 30 minutes late. As we waited, we were overflowing with heartfelt excitement, nervous energy, and anticipation. How quickly time has passed since that memorable day when we picked up our dog, Bogey.